Thursday, 10 September 2009

Being John Malcovich

Being John Malcovich was highly rated by many top critics and got very few bad reviews, the film was liked by 92% of Rotten Tomatoes users

"dense with ideas and non sequitur surprises, a viewer-friendly fun house of a film that asks only that we enjoy the ride. It is smart without seeming challenging"
Philip Martin, Arkansas Democrat Gazette

"A hilarious and beguiling comedy-adventure-mystery-romance hybrid. And it's not just the jaw-dropping oddity of the thing that makes it work; the film has a wonderfully involving -- and even moving -- storyline"
Rich Cline, Shadows On The Wall


Defies all expectations. It touches you in places you didn't think a film could reach. It's everything at once, thoughts, feelings, urges... But it is not total confusion. It does make sense. A lot. And it's hysterically funny, too!"
Kevin N. Laforest, Montreal Film Journal

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